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Paternity Fraud,                

PaternityFraud, or the false identification of a man as the father of a child, is a serious problem in the  United States and throughout the world.  According to USA today, a report from the American Association of Blood Banks says that approximately 30% of the over 300,000 paternity tests performed annually in the  US result in exclusion of the alleged individual as the biological father.  

Paternity Fraud forces thousands of men each year to pay for children fathered by other men.  In many cases paternity is assigned by default without testing or appearance of the accused man. 

Recent legistlative trends in some states are providing justice for the wrongfully accuse.  California AB252 allows the court to set aside previously established paternity judgments  if the court determines the man named in the court order is not the biological father of the child or children.  Paternity Testing is the only way to eliminate  Paternity Fraud.